We got to visit and learn about the Life Enrichment Center on Findlay St. in Dayton last week.

What a great gem the city has with the Center. As they like to say, “Creating community, restoring dignity, and providing purpose… Because everyone matters.“ It was a privilege that we could visit with them. We got to learn about how other leaders are serving and putting their lives into play.

We were glad we could meet their Executive Director Jeff Sorrell as well, and donate a commercial sweeper to the Center to assist their staff and volunteers in keeping all of their carpet swept and clean. Thank you to the entire Staff at LEC for your serving hearts! Please visit their Website or Facebook Page. See how they are helping our great city and see what you can do to get involved. I promise you won’t regret it!

Stay positive during the upcoming week. Remember to bring a SMILE with you, and to leave a SMILE with someone you meet along the way.

Biggie Smiles