For the majority of us, we know our place of birth and who are parents are. My origination took place in 1963, through the idea of “a dedication to good cheer and good works.“

Harvey Ross Ball, a graphic artist and ad man gave birth to the idea of me, The Smiley Face. Mr. Ball also started the World Smile Foundation in 1999. It was created in an effort to promote happiness and respect to others in all we do, before he passed in 2001. Thank you Harvey for giving those of us who grew up not really having much of a reason to smile, a purpose to move forward. Through your inspiration, we can now create opportunities to do that same thing – bringing A SMILE to others in our lives, through serving others first in all we do. Stay positive and enjoy your upcoming week.

#ServeOthers #Respect #BigSmiles

Thank You,
~ Biggie Smiles

“Dedicated to Good Cheer and Good Works.”

Harvey Ball Ross