Today we say THANK YOU! Today we raise flags.
Today we cheer at the parade.
We remember you offered your life to our land.
You were brave. We’re you also afraid?
Today we consider. Today we are free.
Your sacrifice rings proud and clear.
Tomorrow will come but we understand.
You gave more than one day a year.

….. Awesome words from AmyLV @ PoemFarm.

THANKS to ALL who currently serve or have served this great country. We are afforded so many freedoms each and every day, because of your sacrifices. God Bless You and America from everyone at Cleaner with Dean. Have a great upcoming week and give a hand shake or a hug to a Veteran.

“Remember to bring a SMILE with you, and to leave a SMILE with someone you meet along the way.“
– Biggie Smiles

Heroes don’t wear capes or tights, they wear dog tags and combat boots.