Snow, although both light and fluffy in appearance, can wreak havoc on office spaces – creating quite the mess.

When it snows, many offices cover their sidewalks / parking lots in sand and rock salt. When tracked in with moisture on people’s feet, your office floors can be damaged. However, with regular cleaning during the winter month’s, you can ensure your office floors, carpets, and windows survive the season.


Floor Cleaning: We recommend a plan during these months, that includes regular washing, scrubbing , buffing / burnishing / sealing of your various types of flooring in your building. Make sure to use only the floor cleaners and sealers recommended by the manufacturer of the respective flooring types in your office.

Carpet Cleaning: Carpets, just like hard surface floors, are subject to damage from the winter elements. Regular vacuuming should be increased during the winter, to account for the sand and rock salt being tracked into the Office. This is your first line of defense to prevent it’s spread onto other floors. In addition to the increased vacuuming, we suggest a deep carpet cleaning / extraction of the carpet, to remove the dirt build up occurring on the carpet fibers. We recommend Fiber Dry Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning for your carpet cleaning needs.

Window Cleaning: Clean windows = more sunlight ! During the winter, clean windows can save you money on your heating bill, by letting in more sunlight during the day. Natural factors, like snow, cause your windows to become dirty. When your windows become dirty, they degrade faster over time. It is important to have a regularly scheduled window cleaning program during these months. We recommend FISH Window Cleaning for your window cleaning needs.

All the best and God Bless
Dean Miller
Owner, Cleaner with Dean
” A clean space, makes a free mind. “